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On this website unless otherwise noted:

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION (North American Edition). Copyright ? 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan Publishing House.

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This web site is Copyright 2004, Mark J. Ostrum. All rights reserved. You are free to provide the website URL to anyone. You are free to print pages for personal use, as long as the copyright notice is provided on each page.

You may not use any of the material on this website for any other purpose that may be construed as use for general publication. You may not use any portion of this material in any published work without the express written consent of the copyright owner. The material on this website may not be reproduced in any form whatsoever (print, electronically, or telecast, rado broadcast, or any other medium now in existance or that may come into existance in the future) without the express written consent of the copyright owner.

All material submitted by other contributors becomes the property of Seeking Real Truth Ministries unless other formal arrangements have been made by contract between the contributor and Seeking Real Truth Ministries. No payment for submissions of material to be included on this site shall be made by Seeking Real Truth Ministries to the contributor submitting the material. The individual contributor will be given a byline credit for the material accepted and posted by SRTM on this website.

All submissions must be original work. We will not be held responsible for copyright infringment perpetrated by any persons submitting plagerized works. We will remove any material that has been identified by another as their work but not submitted by the original author, and will not accept any futher submissions from persons plagerizing the work of others.

Once Seeking Real Truth Ministries has been formally incorporated, the copyrights and all associated rights to material created by Mark John will be formally assigned to Seeking Real Truth Ministries.

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