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About Seeking Real Truth Ministries

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How To Navigate This Site

Navigating this site is really very easy. On the top (masthead) is a Gold menu bar. Slide your mouse over that menu bar. Notice that a sub-menu is displayed. This sub-menu is duplicated for each gold menu bar item in the page group. The blue with crimson menu on the left contains the same links as the sub-menus below the gold menu bar.

So you can see that when you are in the 'About Us' main menu topic (by clicking on the gold bar), all the related pages are listed on the left. Suppose you want to go from 'How To Navigate' directly to 'Ministry Goals', you don't have to click 'Activities' first, you can simply slide your mouse over 'Activities' on the gold bar, then click the link 'Ministry Goals', and you are there.

Also, the Recommended Sites will be available on all screens, so you will have access to the resources we recommend to you for taking your steps in faith to seeking your higher faith in our Lord Christ Jesus. Play around with the site, be edified by what we present to you, and have fun.

You can see that navigation is very easy.

BTW: Notice the AltaVista Babelfish to the left. If you speak a language represented by one of the country flags in that banner, click that flag and you may view this site in your own language.

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