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How To Support Seeking Real Truth Ministries

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Financial Contributions

This web site was created and site space made possible by a generous blessing of seed bestowed upon Mark John on August 22, 2004 by the Lord through the church he had been attending for several months. The seed money provided was enough to pay for the web space, domain registration, deployment and one or two months web hosting rental, but very little more. Praise be to God for his boundless blessings. We thank God for the seed that was planted in His Name.

Seeking Real Truth Ministries is only going to be successfully established through your gifts. Your contribution of seed money will be greatly appreciated, and Mark John?s prayer is that to everyone who contributes, the Lord will provide extra measures of blessings beyond imagination, just as the Lord has done for him. Contributions will be used first to locate and acquire real estate to begin the process of building an organizational structure, to operate this web site, to permit Mark John to obtain the training required to equip him fully for this work (formal study of the ancient biblical languages and history with respect to biblical manuscripts and prophecy), and to support him as he devotes his life to this calling. The worker is worth his keep (Matt 10:10).

If you would like to plant a seed for the development of this ministry, and you are convinced through prayer that our mission is sound and pure, we are now accepting contributions. Your contributions are not tax deductible as this is a for profit ministry. We are asking for seed money to permit the ministry to become established and to grow. If you would like to donate to the growth of this ministry, you may click the "Donate" button on the left from anywhere within our site. Payments at this time are accepted via PayPal.

You may also contribute indirectly by clicking through the Amazon ad and making purchases.

One thing everyone can do regardless of his or her ability to support this ministry financially or with gifts of property is prayer. Pray in agreement with Mark John and others for the blessings of God to be poured out on this ministry, for it is truly a ministry for the advancement of the kingdom of heaven.

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