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Activities Of Seeking Real Truth Ministries

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Ministry Goals Of Seeking Real Truth Ministries

Seeking Real Truth Ministries has short-term and long-term goals. The short-term goals include:

  • Building this website into a more useful site, and to provide new bible studies and teachings based on truth and to comprehensively discuss what the bible really has to say about doctrines such as baptism, the Lord?s Supper, walking in obedience, proper prayer, rapture and eschatology, spiritual gifts, orderly worship, and more.
  • The first draft of Mark John?s book titled ?My Quest For Truth ? Seeking A Higher Faith? is completed. Work is about to begin on the first revision to prepare the manuscript for publication. When it is ready and published, copies of it will be available for sale through this site and other resources. This book is a look at Mark John?s life as a Christian who has had his periods of falling away, then coming back to the Lord, who ultimately taught him how to truly trust the Lord, and to walk a true path of obedience. Mark John is the founder of this ministry.
  • Mark John will reach out to individual Christians in need where he can, and provide Scripturally sound guidance in God?s truth, and comfort from the word to help Christians ease their pain by turning it to the Lord.
  • Mark John wants to attend a seminary that teaches the truth of God, and prepares ministers to teach God?s word in truth and purity. As far as becoming ordained, he is undecided and not yet convinced that this is his calling. However, at the very least, he wants to learn the ancient biblical languages so that he can learn to read and understand Scripture in the original texts, and to seek a deeper revelation of God?s truth without the possible tainting of another man?s interpretation of the Scripture.

The long-term goals of Seeking Real Truth Ministries include:

  • Sending Mark John and a small group of like-minded believers into the wilderness for survival studies. The goal is to learn how to live off the resources God provides in the wilderness, and to deepen their trust that God will provide all good things that are essential to sustaining human life. The skills acquired will be then taught to others seeking a true relationship with Christ, and who want to be fully prepared for any eschatological eventuality.
  • To acquire lands, islands, vessels, vehicles, livestock, and whatever else is necessary to build and establish ?Seeking Real Truth Training Camps? around the world. These camps will be open for training in the things pertaining to the two-fold mission statement of this ministry.
  • To make preparations to quickly convert these training camps into refugee camps for Christians around the world who refuse to receive the mark of the beast, and to make plans to conceal our presence from whatever means the beast uses to seek out and destroy Christians during the tribulation.
  • Mark John has always had a desire to find a seafaring wife, raise a family, then go to sea and sail around the world in a sailboat with two or three other couples. This is still a strong desire for mj, although the company of hands on board may be altered somewhat. However, he desires to sail to remote islands and seek out those who have not yet received the truth of God, and to distribute bibles and proclaim the gospel of Jesus. So acquiring a wife and a sailboat (min 50'), and ministry workers to help operate the vessel on a several year journey is also one of the longer range goals of this ministry.

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