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Activities Of Seeking Real Truth Ministries

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Current Activities Of Seeking Real Truth Ministries

Mark John is currently the only member of Seeking Real Truth Ministries. His ministry activities include purchasing small pocket-sized NIV bibles for giving to people he meets on the street, and possibly to offer at special events for donations to the ministry. He is also working on acquiring the web-site space, and is developing the initial website (which you are now viewing). In addition to all this, he is trying to find time to continue working on the second draft of his manuscript, "My Seeking Real Truth - Seeking A Higher Faith". So far he has not gotten very far since beginning the work in early September, 2004. He continues reading scripture every day, and will soon begin writing topical articles and bible studies for posting on this web site. The topical studies will include comparing the world today with biblical prophecy, doctrines of the bible (Lord's Supper, Baptism, What Is Real Faith?, and more), biblical character studies, and much more. Your input for what you would like to have addressed on this site in the form of articles will be very much appreciated. Unless we know what you are wanting to learn about, we can only guess. You may submit your recommendations for articles and studies to

In addition to all these activities and the out-of-pocket payment of expenses and purchases, Mark John is working full time and then some for a new start-up software development company. His personal time is very limited as he typically leaves for work before 7:00 AM Pacific time and does not return home until 12 or 13 hours later. He does not get overtime pay for the extra hours. However, during the last two years of his period of discipline from the Lord, he has learned how to live with very limited resources. His joy is to build this ministry, and has no problem investing his own funds for it, for these funds are being spent to advance the kingdom of God.

Mark John's real goal, however, is to have the ministry support him, so he can dedicate his full time to ministry activities. So your donations to help seed the startup of this ministry will be profoundly appreciated, and we will pray that the Lord return blessings one hundred times or more back on the people who support this ministry with their contributions. See the "How Can I Help?" page for more information on how you can help this ministry financially, and/or click one of the PayPal buttons on the right panel of this site. You may also want to see the page "Calls For Service" to see how you might fit in as a founding board member of this ministry.

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