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Privacy Policy Of Seeking Real Truth Ministries

Our privacy policy is very simple: You private information is exactly that, private.

Any personal information collected by Seeking Real Truth Mnistries will remain entirely private. Seeking Real Truth Ministries will never sell or give away your home or email addresses, phone number, nor any other personal information you provide.

From time to time, Seeking Real Truth Ministries may email you newsletters and/or special offers provided through Seeking Real Truth Ministries. Anything we offer by email will be related directly to this website, or to the missions of Seeking Real Truth Ministries. We will not email you wilth offers from organizations outside of Seeking Real Truth Ministries. All communication by email will be pertaining directly to the Seeking Real Truth Ministries website or any other website that is owned by Seeking Real Truth Ministries.

We are not in the business of selling your information to other ministries or companies, nor are we in the business of acting as solicitors for other businesses. We do not want to post ads from other businesses on our site, therefore we are hoping for generous contributions from our visitors. However if contributions fail to provide enough funds to support this ministry, we will have no choice but to place ads on this site.

We will be developing a policy for who we will accept advertising from, and what types of products or services we will advertise. Our 'Recommended Links' are provided as a courtesy to the organizations, and we are receiving no funds from them for posting links to their sites. We post these items because we feel they are resources that are legitimately seeking to advance the Kingdom of Heaven in our world today, and that they have products, services, or ministries that will certainly be useful to the visitors of our site.

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