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How To Support Seeking Real Truth Ministries

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Calls For Service (aka. Openings For People With Certain Skills)

Seeking Real Truth has the need for people with a heart of service to the Lord and a passion for the real truth in God's word to serve in a voluntary capacity as a founding board member. To be accepted as a founding board member you must demonstrate your love for the Lord, and you understanding of God's truth, his REAL truth. Seeking Real Truth Ministries will not tolerate any false doctrines being taught through any member of this organization. In addition to the tasks listed below, these people will likely also become members of the Board of Directors, or some similar formalized overseer board. We will be looking for people who are willing to commit their time on a voluntary basis but working toward the goal of allowing the ministry to provide enough income so we may devote our full time efforts to the building and running of this ministry. You will also need to have demonstrable knowledge of the Scriptures.

To apply, email Seeking Real Truth Ministries at Include in your letter of introduction your qualifications and how you can be a valuable founding board member of this ministry and answers to the following questions. Be sure to include any scripture references you feel are necessary to support your answers. Please copy and paste these questions into your email to answer them. You may also download a Word formatted document with these questions by right-clicking here and choosing "Save As", then save it to your local drive, and use that form to fill in the answers to these questions.

1. Describe your understanding of baptism. Include your beliefs about infant baptism, baptism of the Holy Spirit, and how often one ought to be baptized.

2. Describe your understanding of the Lord's Supper. Include your beliefs about the elements (bread and wine/grape juice) and how these elements should be presented to parishioners (which do you believe - transubstantiation, representation, Spiritual Presence, or other).

3. Describe what a person must do to be saved.

4. Is the entire bible the infallible word of God, true and correct in every aspect in the original manuscripts?

5. Should women be ministers or hold positions of leadership in the church?

6. At what point does the Holy Spirit enter a believer?

7. Describe your belief regarding rapture, tribulation, and the coming of our Lord and Savior.

Be sure to see the section at the bottom of this page, "Common Responsibilities Among All Ministry Workers".

Work available:

Web FE Developer/System Administrator/Java Developer

We are in need of a web developer to redesign the website and simplify content entry to the various sections as listed in the masthead. We also have plans to develop a family-friendly multi-player online game. Code exists in Java but we will be redesigning the entire interface and likely refactoring the server code. We will need you to also review and make recommendations for low-cost web hosting options, and increasing our visibility. This position will be a volunteer position until further notice.

Common Responsibilities Among All Ministry Workers

All staff members will be involved in the defining of the full ministry mission statements, designing seminars, and developing other avenues to get the truth of God's word out to the unsaved and the deceived. We will also be available to each other for brainstorming ideas relative to our areas of responsibility. The ministry is seeking people from diverse backgrounds to provide as much input as possible for the work this ministry is called to perform. If you don't fit into one of the above categories, but still want to join the ministry as a founding board member, describe in your email what contributions you can make to the development of this ministry. Email with "Call Response - Other Contributions " in the subject.

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